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Fish processing

Fish semi-finished products are chilled or frozen products fully prepared for heat treatment. These include: frozen fish fillets; frozen fish food stuffing; fish of special cutting, chilled or frozen (carcasses and pieces of fish weighing 75-500 g); soup sets (sets for fish soup and fish soups from food waste - heads, cartilage, fins, etc. - and pieces of fish) chilled or frozen; frozen fish dumplings; fish cakes; fish kebab (from sturgeon meat).

Fish culinary products, depending on the raw materials used and the method of preparation, are subdivided into natural ones - fried, baked, boiled, aspic, fish rolls, brawn (from sturgeon heads), jellies; fishmeal pies, kulebyaki, belyashi and others; minced fish - fried cutlets, stuffed fish, sausages; from fish caviar - caviar or caviar-vegetable casserole; from salted herring fish and mackerel - chopped herring, herring in sauce (cucumber, beetroot, vegetable, etc.), herring paste, mackerel; fish oils (based on butter) - herring, shrimp, chum, etc.; quick-frozen fish culinary products - fried fish sticks, pilaf, fish hodgepodge, fish croquettes, etc.

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